Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz

Executive Director, Black Trans Women, Inc
Producer & Creator, Marsha’s Plate Podcast

Diamond Stylz is the Executive Director of Black Trans Women Inc, a national non-profit that is led by Black trans women focused on social advocacy, positive visibility and building strong leadership among Black trans advocates, activists, and our allies. Black Trans Women Inc hosts an annual empowerment conference with trans specific programming that draws from the U.S. and beyond.

She is also the producer and creator of Marsha’s Plate podcast. It’s a podcast that knows that everybody can’t come to the cookout. It is hosted by three trans people of color exploring pop culture current events and our problematic nemesis from a black trans feminist lens. it is the only podcast of its kind. Diamond is also a board member of Transfaith.

Diamond is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana but she lives in the great city of Houston, Texas. She has a triumphant First amendment court case on the books dating back to my 1999 high school years. This was a victory she’s very proud of because presenting who you on the inside and out is so important to anyone hoping to become an authentic presence in the world

Diamond was also the first transgender woman to attend Jackson State University, a popular HBCU in the conservative Jackson, Mississippi. This was a very hostile environment where she honed her taste for activism. In college, Diamond learned to maneuver in a place full of people that were not very enthusiastic about a trans woman being a part of the fabric of the student body. In that same place of hostility, she learned that she was also a beacon of light for individuals who wanted to stand outside the box and be themselves at the intersection of race and gender.